title What to Bring - Recommended Gear

**Make sure you bring your passport**

When planning a fishing trip to Northern Canada, it is important to remember that good, quality equipment is vital. Good rain gear, proper clothing, quality reels and good planning can ensure that your week with us will be enjoyable. See our Fishing Page for detailed tackle for Pike, Walleye, Grayling and Lake Trout.

General Fishing Equipment

Personal Equipment

*Hook Out - Hook Remover
*Jaw Spreaders
*Depth Finder
*Pliers (for pinching barbs)
*File (for filing down barbs)
*Fillet Knives & Sharpening Stones
*Measuring Tape
*Rubber Boots
*Good Rain Suit
*Polarized Sun Glasses
*Fishing Cap

*Mosquito Repellent
*First Aid Kit
*Clothing for Warm and Cold Weather Conditions
*Personal Medication and Toiletries
*Camera and Film
*Cards and Games

Pike Tackle

Walleye Tackle

*A 7 - 7 1/2 foot medium heavy bait casting rod with a quality bait casting reel.
*17 to 20 lb. monofilament or 30 lb. Fireline line.
*12 - 18 inch steel or titanium leaders.
*Medium and large Daredevils, Len Thompson Spoons, Doctor Spoons, Johnson Silver Minnows and Red Eyes
*Mann's Super stretch Minus 1
*Odyssey's Pig Jr. and Jointed Pig Jr.
*Large Jointed Rapalas
*Blue Fox Vibrax, Mepps and Northland Bucktails
*6 to 6 1/2 ft. spin casting rod
*Good open face spin casting reel
*4 lb. to 10 lb. monofilament or Fireline
*Rattlin Raps by Rapala
*Suspending Husky Jerks by Rapala
*Shad Raps by Rapala
*Thundersticks Shallowstick and Suspending Shallowsticks
*Wally Divers
*Jigs and Berkley Powerbait curly- tails

Our store at the lodge has a selection of lures that have proven to be productive on Lake Vandekerckhove.

title Weather

The weather in Northern Manitoba can vary greatly on a weekly and even daily basis. It is a good idea to pack for a wide range of weather conditions even during the summer months of July and August. In June, the high daily temperatures average in the 60s to lower 70s. During the month of July, the high daily temperatures average in the upper 70s, and in August the daily high temperatures average in the 70s. September weather is similar to October weather in the upper Midwest, with periods of cool unsettled weather followed by beautiful summer like days.

Average temperatures:

Average Temperature
Hours of Daylight
Early Sept


title Location and Travel

Wolverine Lodge is located 27 miles from of Lynn Lake, Manitoba. Lynn Lake is located 650 driving miles north of Winnipeg Manitoba. Highway 6 from Winnipeg to Thompson is pavement. Highway 391 from Thompson to Lynn Lake is a combination of pavement and all weather gravel surface.

For those choosing to fly, commercial flights are available from Winnipeg to Lynn Lake via Bear Skin Airlines.

For lodging accommodations during your travels:
*Thompson, Manitoba: Suburban Inn, 204-677-5600 - The Days Inn, 204-778-6000
*Winnipeg, Manitoba: The Greenwood Inn, 204-775-9889

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