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When planning a fishing trip to northern Canada prospective guests often ask the following question "When is the best time for a fishing trip to Canada?" The answer to this question is "anytime". Fishing in the northern reaches of Manitoba is excellent throughout the season. You may find the following information helpful in determining when you would like to book your trip with Wolverine Lodge.

Late May:
In general, ice out occurs on our lakes in mid to late May. Although the weather in May can be a bit cool and unpredictable, the fishing just after ice out can be fantastic.In late May and early June you will find the Pike and Walleye near the spawning areas. Lake Trout will be found in shallow water right after ice out and will provide fast action on spoons and jigs casted or trolled in 5-20 feet of water.

This is the month everyone wants to take a trip to the "North Country" and as a result it is our busiest month of the season. The weather in June becomes more predictable and warmer as the month progresses. June fishing can be truly outstanding. After the Pike and Walleye have completed spawning they begin to actively feed and are susceptible to any lure that comes their way. Pike and Walleye can be found in bays, river inlets and outlets near their spawning locations during the month of June. Lake Trout will stay shallow through mid-June but will move deeper as the weather warms and the month progresses.

July provides fantastic fishing for those anglers who are patient enough to wait until after June to come up north. July weather is stable and the warmest of the season. Another advantage to booking in July is that there are fewer bugs to deal with. Fishing is great in July although the tactics differ from those of spring fishing. As spring transitions into summer, the Pike move to weed beds in deeper water. You will still catch smaller Pike along the shallow shorelines and bays but the larger Pike will be found in the weeds near deeper water (7 feet or more). The Walleye move to the points and islands in July and are accessible with jigs and deeper running crankbaits.

This is a great month for big Pike. The ratio of big Pike per fisherman is the highest in the month of August. Take one look at the Manitoba Master Angler book and you will see that on average some of the biggest Pike are caught each year in August. This is despite the fact that angling pressure is much less than in June and July. The weather in early August is similar to July but becomes less stable as the month progresses. Pike will still be found in the weed beds but will begin to transition to rocky points as fall sets in. Walleye are usually scattered during August but will still be found near rocky points, shorelines and islands. As the month nears its end the Walleye will school up again and are found near rocky points and islands.

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The best way to find out about our camps, lakes and the fishing is to visit with one of our previous guests. The individuals listed below have fished with us in the past and will be more than willing to share their experiences at Wolverine Lodge with you.

Brad Bartle, ND 701-200-2592
Tom Buckley, ILL 708-301-2236
Ron Clark, MN 320-248-2027
David Hester, GA 770-289-5650
Tim Huckle, MN 218-287-6677
Ted Mills, OH 937-657-6753