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title Wolverine Lodge

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Lake in the pristine wilderness of Northwest Manitoba, Wolverine Lodge offers you some of Canada's finest Trophy Pike and Walleye fishing.

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Our family has owned and operated Wolverine Lodge for 31 years. During this time we have learned what it takes to provide you with the fishing experience of a lifetime. We invite you to join us in 2012 to find out for yourself why 80% of our guests return again to Wolverine Lodge. To request a color brochure, book a trip, or to ask any question you may have about Wolverine Lodge, just call us at 1-320-732-6843 or send us an e-mail and it will be our pleasure to get back to you.

title Medical Conference 2012

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tailheat braford imagenes 2012 will be the 31st annual meeting of the Cornhusker Medical Conference at Wolverine Lodge. It is open to any doctor or dentist that wish to update their continuing education, in addition to experiencing world class fishing.
Information can be found on the Cornhusker Conference website found here.


title Bear, Moose, Timber Wolf and Whitetail Hunting


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Experience "World Class" Big Game Hunting for Black Bear and Bull Moose in Northern Manitoba.

brafordtailheat braford imagenes Hunt one of the newest areas allocated in Northern Manitoba for nonresident black bear hunters.

We have some of the largest moose that Canada has to offer. Weighing as much as 1,600 pounds. Antlers size average 50 inches wide, with some reaching 65 inches in width.

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For more information, check out our website at www.bearhunt.net.

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Outpost Camps (Fishing)
www.bearhunt.net Bear, moose, deer
www.cornhusker-canadian-conference.org Medical Conference